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Micro Mouldings

Micro Mouldings

Rapitypes is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative ‘no frills’ injection mould tooling system Rapitool™, which has been specifically designed for the production of fast turnaround, affordable plastic injection mouldings, for prototyping, pre-production and low-volume production.

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micro mouldings

Plastic Injection Mould Tooling

Rapitypes has been making prototype injection mould tooling for over a decade and has extensive tool-room facilities. Tools are designed directly from our clients’ CAD data or from scratch, and then high-speed machined in aluminium alloys to exacting standards and tight schedules. These tools are built to the same standards and agreed tolerances as their production equivalents, often with re-useable bolster kits and manual core removal to keep costs low and lead times short.


The new Rapitool™ system continues this tradition but is now largely based on established injection mould tool making techniques including high speed CNC machining and EDM operations, however the innovation lies in the reduction of certain complex, yet standard operations which results in much improved lead-times and reduced costs. And because the cavities and cores are largely conventional, the resultant parts are fully representative, of those that would subsequently be reproduced by way of orthodox production tooling.


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