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Injection Molding Components

Injection Molding Components

weaving workshop, workshop has advanced knitting machine, not only for the production of high pressure rubber tube weaving, but also for the production of stainless steel hose woven. Realize the diversified production of equipment.

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  injection molding components

Injection molding is an injection molding process. The advantages of injection molding process is the production of high speed and high efficiency, automation, and more varieties, shaped by the simple, size from big to small, and accurate size products, injection molding is suitable for mass production with complex shape products processing field. At the temperature required by the material, the plastic material is completely stirred through the screw rod and is injected into the die cavity by high pressure. After cooling and solidification, the molding material is obtained. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shaped parts, injection molding process can be divided into the following 6 stages: mold, plastic injection, packing, cooling, mold, products removed, the process repeatedly, can produce periodic batch products.


Three injection molding and vulcanizing workshop, there are more than one injection molding machine and flat vulcanizing machine, this is a high temperature dust-free workshop, injection molding and curing are the need of environment of high temperature and dust, here we produce, for different kinds of rubber products, all kinds of plastic products,and there are a lot of rubber plastic metal composite products.

At present, the company can produce for you, all kinds of metal parts, stainless steel parts, turning, engraving, stamping, forming, high-pressure hose and stainless steel hose custom-made, a variety of rubber parts, plastic design, mold, production and so on


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