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Injection Molded Plastic Components

Injection Molded Plastic Components

Injection molding refers to the injection molding machine produced by a variety of injection molding products collectively referred to the injection molding, including a variety of packaging, parts and so on. It is mainly made of polyethylene or polypropylene and added a variety of organic solvents.

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Product Details

custom made injection molded plastic machining plastic parts and components

Product Introduction

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Injection molding refers to the injection molding machine produced by a variety of injection molding products collectively referred to the injection molding, including a variety of packaging, parts and so on. It is mainly made of polyethylene or polypropylene and added a variety of organic solvents.The choice of plastic parts is mainly determined by the type of plastic (thermoplastic or thermosetting), the initial form, and the shape and size of the product. The injection molded parts are usually molded, transfer molded, and molded by injection molding. Laminating, molding and thermoforming are plastic forming processes on the plane. The above methods can be used for rubber processing. In addition, there are liquid monomer or polymer as raw material casting. In these methods, extrusion and injection molding are the most widely used and the most basic molding methods.

Product Parameter(Specification) of

Mold   Material45#,P20 steel,   718, 2738, H13, NAK80, 2344, 2343, S136, etc . 
Mold TypePlastic   Injection Molding
Mold StandardHASCO,   DME, MISUMI, JIS, LKM, etc.
Mold Tooling EquipmentLathe,Milling,Grinder,Drill,CNC,EDM,Wire   cut machine,Punch machine
Injection Mold Machine19   Sets With Model 90T to 1100T
Gate TypeSide   Gate, Sub Gate, Direct Gate, Hook Gate, Pin Point Gate, etc.
Runner TypeCold   Runner or Hot Runner
CavitySingle   or Multi cavities
Mold Life45#:50,000   to 100,000 shots
P20:100,000 to 200,000 shots
718: 200,000 to 300,000 shots
H13: 300,000 to 500,000 shots
Lead TimeGenerally   mold making will take around 30 days and 7-10  day to mass   production 
PackageWooden   packing box for molds and Generally inner packed in opp bags, outside  packed in standard export carton with shipping marks, and the cartons will be   full of bubble bags.

Product Feature And Application

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Barrel temperature: the melting temperature is very important, and the temperature of the material used in the canister is only instructive. The temperature of the melt can be measured at the nozzle or measured by air sparging. The temperature setting of the firing cylinder depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, injection volume and injection molding cycle. If you do not have the experience of processing a particular level of plastic, start with the lowest set. To facilitate the control, the ejection cylinder is divided into zones, but not all of them are set at the same temperature. If the operation time is long or high temperature operation, please set the temperature of the first zone to a lower value, which will prevent the plastic melt and shunt early. Ensure that the hydraulic oil, hopper, mold and cylinder are at the correct temperature before injection.

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Melt temperature, melt temperature on the melt flow properties play a major role, because there is no specific plastic melting point, melting temperature is called a molten plastic, molecular chain structure and composition are different, so the liquidity effect is also different, rigid molecular chain is affected by temperature is obvious, such as PC PPS, etc., and flexible molecular chains such as PA, PP, PE and other liquidity by changing the temperature is not obvious, it should be to adjust the injection temperature reasonably according to the different material.

Product Details

injection molded plastic components3.jpgMold temperature: some plastic material due to high crystallization temperature, slow crystallization rate, high mold temperature, some of the control of size and deformation, or the need to release, high temperature or low temperature, such as PC General requirements of more than 60 degrees, while the PPS in order to achieve better liquidity and improve the appearance, die sometimes temperature above 160 degrees, so the mold temperature to improve the appearance of the product, deformation, size, can not be underestimated the role of rubber mold.
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Injection pressure: melt overcome required resistance, directly affect the product size, weight and deformation, different plastic products required for different injection pressure, such as PA, PP and other materials, increase the pressure will make its liquidity significantly improved, the injection pressure determines the density of the products, the appearance of gloss. It has no fixed value, and the more difficult to fill the mold, the injection pressure is also increased.

Quanlity Control

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Q: How soon can I get reply after send inquiry?
A: 1.All inquiries will be replied within 1 day except sleeping time in China.
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Q: How soon can I get sample ?
A: It depends your parts,generally sample can be sent out within 7days after product drawing confirmed by both side.
Q:What information should I give to you for inquiry?
A:Pls send your 2d and 3d drawings ,and tell us your special requirements such as material,tolerance,surface treatments and the amount you need ,ect .

Q: If I don’t have drawing, how can I get sample ?
A: If you don’t have any drawing,you can send us your sample, we will scan it and make 2D and 3D drawing first, then make sample for you.

Q: What’s your MOQ(minimum order quantity)
A: We don’t have MOQ, you are welcome to send us trial order to test our quality and service.

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