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UHMW Machining

UHMW Machining

UHMWPE has excellent chemical resistance, in addition to strong oxidizing acid, in a certain range of concentration and temperature resistant to various corrosive medium (acid, alkali, salt and organic medium (solvent) tea except). The 30d is impregnated with 80 organic solvents at 20 and 80 DEG C, without any abnormal appearance, and almost no other physical properties are changed.

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uhmw machining

Advantages of UHMW

Folding impact energy absorption

UHMWPE has excellent impact energy absorption, and the impact energy absorption value is the highest in all plastics. Therefore, the noise damping property is very good, and the utility model has excellent sound cutting effect.

Folding resistance to low temperature

UHMWPE has excellent resistance to low temperature, the liquid helium temperature (-169 DEG C) still has the ductility, which can be used as low temperature resistant components of nuclear industry.

Folding is hygienic and non-toxic

UHMWPE is hygienic, non-toxic, fully in line with the standards of the Japan Health Association and approved by the food and Drug Administration and the USDA. It is available for contact with food and drugs.


Folding non stick

The surface adsorption capacity of UHMWPE is very weak, and its resistance to adhesion is only inferior to that of PTFE which is not sticky in plastics. Therefore, the surface of the product is difficult to adhere to other materials.

Fold, little water absorption

UHMWPE water absorption rate is very low, generally less than 0.01%, only 1% of PA66, so before molding, generally do not have to dry treatment.

Folding density

Table 2 compares the density of UHMWPE with other engineering plastics. As can be seen from table 2, the density of UHMWPE is lower than that of all other engineering plastics. It is generally 56% lower than PTFE, 33% lower than POM and 30% lower than PBTP, so it is very light.

Application of health and non toxicity

4.1. Food and beverage industry

UHMWPE has the non-toxic, water resistance and non adhesion required by the food industry. Material designated as direct contact with food. Can be used in beer, cool drinks, spices and other transportation lines. Delivery of goods, can prevent the damage, such as the bottle to reduce noise, reduce wear, conveying screw conveyor, and can reduce the power loss, it can also be used to manufacture the milk and sweets, carnivorous and bread food production equipment parts.

4.2, medical

UHMWPE has excellent physical inertia and physiological adaptability, approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration, the Ministry of agriculture, which can be used in several areas of medicine and human contact, such as clinical heart valves, orthopedic parts, artificial joints and contraceptive implants, is an ideal medical polymer materials. The artificial hip and knee joint made of UHMWPE made of wrist and metal femur has better wear resistance and safety than PTFE. At present, hundreds of thousands of people in the world have accepted the replacement of such artificial joints.

Other performance applications

5.1 、 application of low temperature resistance

UHMWPE has excellent properties of low temperature resistance. It can be used in a variety of refrigeration machinery, and can be used as low temperature components in the nuclear industry. It is an ideal insulating material in the field of low temperature superconductivity. UHMWPE has excellent shielding effect on radiation, so it can be used as atomic energy

A shield for a power station.

5.2. Application of electrical insulation

UHMWPE is a good electrical insulation performance, especially the dielectric loss tangent is low, can be used in the manufacture of plating bath, the roller and the insulator, in the ultra high frequency and interval work insulated trail

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