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Quality CNC Machining

Quality CNC Machining

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce your industrial components. The Goldcattle team has the capabilities to manufacture quality cnc machining parts utilizing the following machining processes:

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Product Details

Quality metal cnc machining and plastic parts

Product parameter

Steel, magnets, fuel, abrasive
 aluminumSmelting rare metals, manufacturing aircraft, rockets, automotive 
structural materials,ultra high voltage cables, daily utensils,
mechanical processing, electronic accessories, shipbuilding

Steel bridges, steel buildings, steel gates, large pipe containers
tall buildings, tower rail agencies, and construction installation
Electrical, electronics, motors, transformers, wire and cable
sliding bearing, mold, heat exchangers, pumps ,vacuum
valves, fittings,instrument,distillation pot,pot Brewing
shells, gun,pipeline, decorative devices,pot Brewing

Heat exchanger, condenser, low temperature pipeline
sea transportation pipe, sheet, strip, rods, tubes, 
casting parts, and the serpentine tube, cartridge
aluminum alloy
Doors, windows, tubes, covers, shells
decorations, insulation, sheets, profiles, parts,
brass alloy
Generator, bus, cable, switchgear, transformer
heat exchanger, pipeline, plate collector

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Product introduction

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce your industrial components. The Goldcattle team has the capabilities to manufacture quality cnc machining utilizing the following machining processes:

  • CNC Turning: Our CNC turning equipment includes brands such as Leadwells and Haas, which allow us to machine simple as well as complex products using non-rotary tooling. This allows us to provide different types of machining processes and product features, such as:

    • Threading

    • Facing and Boring

    • Secondary Drilling

    • Tapping, Hexing, and Knurling

    • Hexes, Contours, and Cross Holes

  • CNC Milling: We are experts when it comes to CNC milled Delrin. We utilize creative yet cost-effective fixturing to provide high savings in terms of time and money. We also upgrade our machines regularly to maintain a high level of quality production. Our CNC milling capabilities include:

    • Vapor Bonding

    • Solvent Bonding

    • Prototype and Production Runs

    • Secondary Drilling and Tapping


All our Delrin machining procedures take place in a controlled environment. We can take on projects that require prototype as well as complete production runs. If required by the client, we can also provide plastic injection molding services to create quality cnc machining products.

Quality Control



Q: How soon can I get reply after send inquiry?
A: 1.All inquiries will be replied within 1 day except sleeping time in China. 
     2.Our call phones standing by any calls at any time.
Q: How soon can I get sample ?
A: It depends your parts,generally sample can be sent out within 7days after product drawing confirmed by both side.
Q:What information should I give to you for inquiry?
A:Pls send your 2d and 3d drawings ,and tell us your special requirements such as material,tolerance,surface treatments and the amount you need ,ect .

Q: If I don’t have drawing, how can I get sample ?
A: If you don’t have any drawing,you can send us your sample, we will scan it and make 2D and 3D drawing first, then make sample for you.

Q: What’s your MOQ(minimum order quantity?
A: We don’t have MOQ, you are welcome to send us trial order to test our quality and service.

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