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PVC Injection Molding

PVC Injection Molding

A variety of materials are used in insert molded plastics. These include: ABS Hi-Impact Styrene Nylon Acetal Polycarbonate Rigid PVC Flexible PVC Many various types of filled materials: Glass Filled Nylon Valox Norel Flex PVC - Thermo Plastic Rubbers Rigid PVC - Injection Large, Small Many various types of exotic materials

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pvc injection molding

Insert molding is an injection molding process that utilizes an insert placed in the molding cavity.

A molecular bond is established when using materials that are similar to the surrounding resin. A mechanical bond is established when using materials that are dissimilar to the surrounding resin. When comparing the two, for obvious reasons the molecular bond is stronger than the mechanical. For best results in using the mechanical bond process, it is important to use an insert that is capable of handling the surrounding plastic.

 Insert molding can be used for molding fasteners, pins and terminals, and is widely used for molding parts needed in constructing medical equipment.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts Quality Control Procedures We Follow:

 1. Machine Inspection (On-The-Spot Inspection)
Parts are initially inspected directly out of our molding machine. Our machine operators are trained to identify and rectify the following defects:

 1.1.Sink marks that form when the outer plastic shell hardens before the internal plastic has had an opportunity to cool.

 1.2.Short shots caused when there is an inadequate amount of plastic material to fill the mold.

 1.3.Burn marks caused by trapped compressed air during the molding process.

 1.4.Flash marks, which is the excess plastic that extends from the end of the molded part

 2. Finishing Station Inspection

 Parts at the finishing station are inspected for consistent finishes and textures prior to silkscreen or pad printing.

 3. Quality Control Department Inspection

 Finished parts undergo one final inspection to ensure tolerances are met for every part. Optical projector and digital calipers measure for part accuracy to within =/-.005mm.

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