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Prototype Machining

Prototype Machining

Machining is the abbreviation of mechanical processing. It refers to the machining process of machining materials by mechanical precision machining. Addition seeks quality, multiplication, word production, drill sleeves, processing necessities.

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prototype machining


Mechanical processing mainly manual processing and CNC machining two major categories. Manual machining refers to the method of machining various materials by mechanical workers, such as milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and sawing machines. Manual processing, suitable for small batch, simple parts production. CNC machining (CNC) refers to the mechanical workers to use numerical control equipment for processing, these CNC equipment including machining centers, milling centers, wire EDM equipment, thread cutting machine. NC machining technology is adopted in most machining workshops. Through programming, the position coordinates of the workpiece in the Cartesian coordinates of the (X, Y, Z) into the programming language, CNC CNC controller to control NC machine tool through the recognition and interpretation of the programming language of the shaft, automatically according to the requirements of material removal, thus finishing workpiece. Numerical control processes workpieces in a continuous manner, suitable for large quantities and complex shapes.



The  machining workshop can use CAD/CAM (computer aided design, computer  aided manufacturing) system to program NC machine tools automatically.  The geometry of the parts is automatically converted from the CAD  system to the CAM system, and the mechanical workers choose a variety of  processing methods on the virtual display screen.  When the mechanic selects a processing method, the CAD/CAM system  automatically outputs the CNC code, usually the G code, and enters the  code into the controller of the numerically controlled machine tool for  actual processing operations.

Factory rear equipment, such as metal cutting machine tools (including car, milling, planer, plug and other equipment), if the production of equipment required parts broken, need to repair, so you need to send to the machine shop maintenance or processing. In order to ensure the smooth progress of production, the general enterprises are equipped with organic processing workshop, mainly responsible for the maintenance of production equipment.


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