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Hex Head Self Drilling Screw Stainless Steel

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Product Details

Hex Head Self Drilling Screw Stainless Steel

Why choose us? 

1.      High skilled and well-trained working team under good management environment.

2.      Quick response and support for any inquiries.

3.      Over 10 years professional manufacture experience to ensure high quality of your products.

4.      Large and strong production capacity to meet your demand.

5.      High Quality standard and hygienic environment.

6.      We have very strict quality control process: 

         In coming Quality control (IQC) – All incoming raw material are checked before used.

         In process quality control (IPQC) – Perform inspections during the manufacturing process.

         Final quality control (FQC) – All finished goods are inspected according to our quality standard                                                             for each products.

         Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) – Our QC team will 100% full inspection before it goes out for                                                                         shipment.

         Proper Quarantine procedure – For those products got rejected to pass the quality control, they                                                                   will specially marked and dispose

7.      Good after sales services

8.      Passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and provide SGS / ROHs certification if needed.


Q. How can I contact your company?

A. Please sent us email, whatsapp, AliMessenger or call us to talk with our sales.        

    (Please see our company profile page.)

Q. What do I need to provide for a quotation?

A. Feel free to send us samples or drawings, and make sure to tell us the quantitiesand material      of you products are.         (Please be noted that these are essential for our quoting. We couldn’t quote thespecific price without any of them.)

Q. How can I get track of the production? 

A. As the flow chain picture we have shown above, we will double confirm your requirement and send you the samples before the mass production start.    Also, we will keep you informed your production progress and ship to you on or before the date we have compromised.

Q. How can I get track of the delivery?

A. Tracking number will be sent to you once we received it from logistic company.   Also, we will still keep contact for further shipping information .

Q. What can I get for the after sales services?

A. We are very welcome for your comments or advise of our product in order to get improvement. Please feel free to tell us and our experienced engineers will follow up your case and give out the solutions.

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