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Precision Engineering Products

Precision Engineering Products

Precision machining is the process of changing the shape, size, or performance of a workpiece by means of a machining machine. According to the temperature status of the workpiece being processed, it is divided into cold processing and hot working. Normally processed at room temperature without causing any change in the chemical or phase of the workpiece. It is called cold working. Usually in or above or below the normal temperature of the processing, will cause the workpiece chemical or phase changes, called hot processing. Cold working can be divided into cutting and pressing according to the way of processing. Hot work is common with heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.

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precision engineering products

Ultraprecision machining

Mainly ultra precision turning, mirror grinding and grinding and so on. In the ultra precision lathe with diamond cutting tool after fine grinding of micro cutting turning, the thickness of only 1 microns, commonly used in the processing of non-ferrous metal materials, non spherical spherical and plane mirror such as high precision, high gloss surface parts. For example, a aspheric mirror with a diameter of 800 mm for a nuclear fusion device has a maximum accuracy of 0.1 microns and a surface roughness of Rz0.05 microns.

Ultra precision special machining

The machining precision to nanometer, and eventually to the atomic units (atomic lattice distance of 0.1 to 0.2 nm) as the object, the machining method has been unable to meet the needs, by means of special processing, namely the application of chemical, electrochemical, thermal or electrical energy, the energy is combined with super atoms, thus the removal of part of the deformation of the workpiece surface atoms between attachment, or a combination of lattice, in order to achieve the objective of ultra precision machining. Such processes are mechanical chemical polishing, ion sputtering and ion implantation, electron beam exposure, laser beam processing, metal evaporation, and molecular beam epitaxy. These methods are characterized by a very subtle control over the amount of material removed or added to the surface layer.


However, to obtain ultra precision machining accuracy, it still depends on precision machining equipment and precise control system, and ultra precision mask is used as an intermediary. For example, large scale integrated circuit plate is used for electron beam mask photoresist (see lithography) of exposure, the photoresist atoms in electron impact under direct polymerization (or decomposition), then the developer partially dissolved polymerization or not polymerization had made off mask. Ultra precision machining equipment with positioning accuracy of up to + 0.01 microns is required for electron beam exposure plate making.


development direction

High precision and high efficiency, precision machining and ultra precision machining can achieve high surface quality and surface integrity, but at the expense of processing efficiency as guarantee.

Exploring the machining methods that can take into account both efficiency and accuracy become the goal of the leading researchers in ultra precision machining. Such as semi fixed abrasive machining, electrolytic magnetic abrasive machining, magnetorheological abrasive flow machining and other complex processing methods were born.

China's precision and ultra precision machining development strategy, China's precision and ultra precision machining after decades of efforts, increasingly mature. Whether it is precision machine tools, diamond tools, or precision machining process, a complete set of precision manufacturing technology system has been formed, laying the foundation for promoting the development of machinery manufacturing to a higher level. Is moving to the nanometer level precision or nm precision, and its prospects are very encouraging. With the rapid development of science and technology and increasingly fierce competition in the market? More and more manufacturing companies will start a large amount of manpower, financial and material resources to study and implement the strategy of advanced manufacturing technology and advanced manufacturing mode.

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