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Precision Engineering Plastics

Precision Engineering Plastics

Products are widely used in: mobile phones, laptops, a variety of plastic shell, communications, micro motors, computers, electrical appliances, electronics, toys, watches, lighting, motorcycles and other industries.

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precision engineering plastics

injection molding machine

An injection molding machine (injection molding machine) has two basic components: an injection device and a die fitting for melting and delivering a plastic into a mold. The function of the die clamping device lies in:

1. Make the die close to the injection pressure;

2. Remove the product. The injection device melts the plastic before it is injected into the mold, and then controls the pressure and velocity to inject the melt into the mold. There are two designs of injection devices: screw type pre - plasticizing machine or double - stage device, and reciprocating screw. The screw type pre plasticizing machine uses a pre plasticized screw (the first stage) to inject the molten plastic into the injection rod (grade second).

The advantages of a screw former are the constant mass of molten material, high pressure and high speed, and precise injection volume control (using mechanical thrust devices at both ends of the piston stroke). These advantages are required for transparent, thin-walled products and high production rates. Its disadvantages include uneven residence time (resulting in material degradation), higher equipment costs and maintenance costs.

The most commonly used reciprocating screw injection system does not require the plunger to melt and inject the plastic.

The types of injection molding machines are vertical, horizontal and full electric, but no matter that kind of injection molding machine, its basic functions are two:

(1) heating the plastic to make it melt;

(2) apply a high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity.

Injection mold in the processing of various CNC machining, all useful, is the most widely used CNC milling machine and machining center, CNC wire cutting and CNC EDM in mold machining application is also very common, line cutting is mainly used in the mold processing all kinds of straight wall, such as die stamping, insert the block and slider in injection mold, EDM electrode used etc.. For the die parts with high hardness, the machining method can not be used, most of which are made by EDM. In addition, EDM is also used for the sharp corners, deep cavities and narrow slots of the die cavity. The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing mould rod and standard parts, rotary die cavity or core, such as injection mould, bottle pot, shaft, disk type parts die. In the die processing, the application of CNC drilling machine can also improve the machining accuracy and shorten the processing cycle.


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