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Medical PArt

Medical PArt

Machining medical parts or components is an extremely broad category where Goldcattle high speed machining centers are concerned.

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medical part

Product detail

Machining medical parts or components is an extremely broad category where Goldcattle high speed machining centers are concerned. We have customers using our equipment to machine implants from titanium and steel, PCB for pacemakers, molds for pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum test tube holders, plastics and stainless for instrument trays, microfluidics devices and the list goes on.

Product Overview of Medical Grades

Makrolon® polycarbonate – Covestro’s premier polycarbonate resin - offers a unique combination of strength, hardness and rigidity. Some Makrolon® resin grades can be sterilized using high-energy radiation. Other benefits include good hydrolysis resistance, easy release, and biocompatibility according to many ISO 10993-1 requirements. Applications include dialyzers, injection system, IV access component, oxygenators and a variety of other vital applications.

Apec® high heat polycarbonate resin – this transparent and strong co-polycarbonate is suitable for medical applications requiring autoclave sterilization and features additional benefits like easy release, high softening temperature, good hydrolysis resistance and biocompatibility according to many ISO 10993-1 test requirements. Applications include baby incubators, dental or surgical instruments, sterilization boxes and endoscope disinfectant systems.

Bayblend® PC+ABS blend – offers an excellent combination of mechanical and thermal properties, exhibiting high toughness, rigidity, dimensional stability, easy processing and good heat resistance. Applications include drug delivery devices as well as a variety of medical equipment housings.

Makroblend® PC+Polyester blend – combines the outstanding characteristics of both polymers to create ultra-tough materials that meet demanding physical and environmental requirements and exhibiting excellent resistance to harsh chemicals. Applications include a variety of housings that may require flame retardancy and resistance to chemical disinfectants.



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