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Lathe Turning Tips

Lathe Turning Tips

Lathe machining is part of the machining. The machining of the lathe is mainly done by turning the workpiece. In the lathe can also be used drill, reaming drill, reamer, tap, die and knurling tools such as the corresponding processing. The lathe is mainly used for machining shafts, plates, sleeves and other workpieces with slewing surfaces, and is the most widely used machine tool for machinery manufacturing and repair plants.

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lathe turning tips

  1. Rough turning is the most cost-effective method of cylindrical roughing. As the purpose of roughing is mainly to quickly remove excess metal  from the blank, therefore, to improve productivity is its main task.
    Rough car is usually used as much as possible to increase the amount of knife and feed to increase productivity. In order to ensure the necessary tool life, cutting speed is usually low. In  the case of roughing, the turning tool should select a larger main  declination to reduce the back force and prevent the bending deformation  and vibration of the workpiece. Select the smaller rake angle, the rear  angle and the negative angle of the blade to enhance the turning The strength of the cutting part. Roughing can reach the processing accuracy of IT12 ~ ITll, surface roughness Ra is 50 ~ 12.5μm.


  2. 2. The main task of the fine car is to ensure that the parts require the processing accuracy and surface quality. Fine  car cylindrical surface generally use a smaller amount of back to eat  knife and feed and high cutting speed for processing. In the processing of large shaft parts cylindrical, it is often used wide-blade turning low-speed car. When  the car is used, the tool should use a larger rake angle, rear angle  and positive angle of the knife to improve the quality of the surface. The finishing car can be used as a final machining of a higher precision or as a pre-processing of fine processing. Fine machining accuracy of up to IT8 ~ IT6 level, surface roughness Ra up to 1.6 ~ 0.8μm.

  3. 3. Fine  car fine car is characterized by: back to eat knife and feed the value  of a very small, cutting speed up to 150 ~ 2000m / min. Fine  cars generally use cubic boronized boron (CBN), diamond and other  superhard materials for processing, the machine must also be used for  high-speed spindle spindle, and has a high stiffness of the high  precision or precision machine tools. Fine  machining accuracy and surface roughness and general cylindrical  grinding roughly the same, the processing accuracy of up to IT6 above  the surface roughness Ra up to 0.4 ~ 0.005μm. Used  for precision machining of non-ferrous metal parts of the precision  machining, easy to plug the grinding wheel pores of aluminum and  aluminum alloy parts, fine cars more effective. In the processing of large precision cylindrical surface, the fine car can replace the grinding process.


  4.  Precautions when clamping the workpiece
    Before clamping the workpiece, you must first carbon in the workpiece  in the sand and other impurities removed from impurities in the sliding  plate sliding surface, agitated soft wear or "bite bad" guide.
    In  the clamping and correction of some size of the school, the shape of  complex and clamping the product and the smaller workpiece, the  workpiece should be placed in front of the lathe bed below a wooden bed  cover plate, while the pressure plate or movable top If  you find that the workpiece is not correct or skewed, avoid the impact  of the hammer, so as not to affect the accuracy of the lathe spindle,  you must first jaw, platen or thimble slightly loose, and then have the  steps to stop the lathe, Of the correction.


  5. Placement of tools and turning tools
    Tools and turning tools do not put on the bed, so as not to knock the bad rail. Such as the need to put the first bed in the bed cover, the tools and turning tools on the bed cover.
    (1) in the sanding the workpiece, the bed in the workpiece below the bed cover or paper cover; sanding, carefully clean the bed.
    (2) in the car cast iron parts, in the board board put the rail cover,  and at the same time to wipe the chip can splash on a bed of  lubricants.
    (3) When not in use, the cleaning and maintenance of the lathe must be  done to prevent chips, sand or impurities from entering the sliding  surface of the lathe guide rail, "bite the guide" or exacerbate its  wear.
    (4)  in the use of cooling lubricants, you must remove the lathe guide rail  and cooling lubricants Sheng plate of garbage; use, the rails on the  cooling and lubricating fluid to dry, and mechanical operation.

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