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Injection Molded Polystyrene

Injection Molded Polystyrene

Our established Classic line covers the small to medium sized positioning ranges. Like all vhf milling machines, it is ideally suited for milling, drilling, chamfering, thread milling and engraving. A popular equipment is a high frequency spindle for working especially efficiently with high rotational speeds and smaller tools.

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Product Details

injection molded polystyrene

  • fine engraving and milling works in plastics, metals, wood

  • With our Classic line you can produce front plates, technical parts of plastics and aluminium, PCBs, coining dies and signs or you can machine smaller housings – the range of applications is great.

  • positioning range: up to 1,000 x 1,250 mm

  • Available in 6 sizes from small to medium – make your production more efficient by producing several smaller workpieces on a larger panel.

  • z axis lift: 70 to 460 mm

  • Whether machining solid plate materials or producing models and forms of lighter block materials – the Classic line is a good choice.

  • repetition accuracy: ± 0.01 mm

  • Backlash-free ball screw spindles in all axes and hybrid motor drives ensure high accuracy – so you succeed in even the finest engravings.

  • high stiffness at little weight

  • Whether in the workshop, in the development laboratory or in the serial production – machines of the Classic line are flexible and reliable.

  • our classic: successfully on the market since 1992

  • Thanks to ongoing enhancements always technically up to date – proven a thousand times.

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Polystyrene is often used to make foam products. Polystyrene can also be copolymerized with other types of rubber polymers to produce various mechanical properties. Common applications in daily life are all kinds of disposable plastic tableware, transparent CD box and so on. Expanded polystyrene (Bao Lilong) is widely used in building materials for insulation and insulation since 2003.

Polystyrene is easy to process, and has the advantages of transparency, cheapness, rigidity, insulation and good printability. Can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting instructions and packaging and so on. In the electrical field is a good insulation materials and insulation materials, can make all kinds of instrument shell, lampshade, optical chemical instrument parts, transparent film, capacitor, dielectric layer and so on.

Can be used in powder and emulsion cosmetics. Used in powder, it has good compressibility, can improve the adhesion of powder. Give skin luster and lubrication, is a substitute for talcum powder and silica dioxide senior filler.

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