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CNC Milling Machine Components

CNC Milling Machine Components

Turning refers to lathe machining is part of the machining process. Lathe machining mainly uses turning tools to rotate workpiece turning. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, disks, sleeves and other workpieces with revolving surfaces. They are the most widely used machine tools in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.

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Product Details

precious metal cnc milling machine components with high precision

1 Product Introduction

cnc milling machine components

Turning processing

It is to change the shape and size of the blank by using the rotating movement of the workpiece and the linear movement or the curve motion of the cutter in the lathe, so as to meet the requirements of the drawing.

Turning is the method of cutting workpieces on the lathe by rotating the workpiece relative to the cutter. The cutting energy is mainly supplied by the workpiece instead of the cutter. Turning is the most basic and the most common cutting method, and occupies a very important position in the production. Lathe for processing rotary surface, most has the rotary surface of workpiece can be machined by turning method, such as the external cylindrical surface, conical surface, inner and outer face, groove, screw and rotary forming surface, the tool is mainly used tools.

In all kinds of metal cutting machine tools, lathes are the most widely used type, accounting for about 50% of the total number of machine tools. Lathe can be used to lathe turning workpiece, drilling, reaming, thread tapping and knurling can be done with drill, reamer, tap and knurling tool. The lathe can be divided into horizontal lathe, floor lathe, vertical lathe, turret lathe and copying lathe, according to the characteristics of the process, layout and structural characteristics, most of which are horizontal lathes.


2 Product Parameter(Specification) of

MaterialGold,Silver,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Iron,Aluminum,Stainless   Steel, Titaninum etc.
ColorMetal   Colors Avaliable
Surface finishChrome   Plating,Zinc Plating,Blackening,Nickel plating,Electrophoresis,
    Anodization,Brushing,Polishing,Blacken,Powder coating,Sandblasting,de   buring,Passivation,Etc
Process CraftTurning,Milling,Drilling,Wire   EDM,Grinding,Engraving,Tapping,Knurling,And other sub machining processes,Etc
Equipment260   CNC Lathe,200 Auto Lathe,10 CNC Tapping Center,2 MAZAK five axis CNC,Each   month we increase about 10 lathes
Testing FacilityCoordinate   Measuring Machine,Projector,Roughness Tester,Hardness Tester,Concentricity   Tester,Tool Microscope,Digimatic Micrometer,Inside Micrometer,Dial   Indicator,Go No Go Gauge,Dialgage,Eletronic,Digital Display Caliper,Automatic   Height Gauge,Precision Level 2 Detector,Precision Block Gauge,00 Levels Of   Marble Platform/Ring Gague,Etc
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008 Certified,SGS Certification
Drawing FormatJPEG,   PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, STEP, CAD
RemarksAll   parts are not in stock,customization only;
    Parts can be supplied according to customers drawings or sample

3 Product Feature And Application

cnc milling machine componentsTurning on the machine manufacturing industry is used most widely, lathe large quantity, personnel, processing a wide range of tools and fixtures used are various, so turning the security technology, it is especially important, the focus of the work are as follows:

1, chip damage and protective measures. All kinds of steel parts machined on lathe have good toughness. The chip produced by turning is full of plastic crimp, and the edge is sharp. In the high-speed cutting steel will be formed when the red chip, very long, very easy to hurt, and often wound on the workpiece, tool and tool, so the work should often use hook clean or broken, when necessary, should stop clearance, but no hand to remove or pull off. In order to prevent chip damage, chip breaking, chip flow control measures and various protective baffles are often adopted. The chip breaking method is to grind the chip breaker groove or step on the lathe tool; the proper chip breaker is adopted and the mechanical clamping tool is adopted.

2, the workpiece loading card. In the process of turning, due to improper assembly of the workpiece and damage to the machine tool, broken or crashed tools, as well as the workpiece fell or fly wounding more accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe production of turning, the workpiece must be paid special attention when installing the workpiece. Of different sizes and shapes of the parts need to choose the suitable fixture, regardless of the connection of three claw, four claw chuck or special fixture and the shaft must be stable and reliable. The workpiece must be clamped and clamped, and the large workpiece can be clamped and used to ensure the workpiece to rotate at high speed and to cut the force. It does not shift, does not fall off and does not throw out. If necessary, the center and center frame can be used to strengthen the fastening. Remove the hand immediately after clamping.

3, safe operation. Check the machine tools before work, confirm the good can be used. The clamping of workpiece and tool ensures correct position, firm and reliable. In the process of machining, the tools must be stopped when changing tools, loading and unloading workpieces and measuring workpieces. The workpiece can not be touched by hand or by cotton silk when rotating. The cutting speed, feed rate and working depth should be chosen properly, and the machining should not be overloaded. The head of a bed, and the bed rest shall not be placed the workpiece, fixture and other sundries. Use a file to the tool moving to the safety position, the right front, left behind, to prevent the sleeve involved. The machine tool should be specially used and maintained by the special personnel, and other personnel shall not use it.

4 Product Details

Reasonable selection of cutting parameters: for high efficiency metal cutting processing, the machining material, cutting tools, cutting conditions are the three major factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and machining quality. The economical and effective machining method is the reasonable choice of cutting conditions. Three factors of cutting condition: cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth directly cause tool damage. With the increase of cutting speed, the tool nose temperature will rise, and will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. The cutting speed is increased by 20%, and the tool life is reduced by 1/2. The relationship between the feed condition and the wear behind the tool is in a very small range. But the feed is large, the cutting temperature rises, and the back wear is great. It has less influence on cutting tools than cutting speed. Although cutting depth has no influence on cutting tool speed and feed rate, it is also affected by cutting material hardening layer when cutting in small cutting depth. Users should choose the cutting speed according to the machined material, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed rate, cutting depth and so on. The most suitable processing conditions are chosen on the basis of these factors. Regular and steady wear is the ideal condition for life. However, in actual operation, the choice of tool life is related to tool wear, machined dimension change, surface quality, cutting noise, heat treatment and so on. In the determination of processing conditions, it is necessary to study according to the actual situation. For refractory materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloys, coolants can be used or rigid edges are selected.

5 Quanlity Control

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6 Delivery,Shipping And Service



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Q: How soon can I get sample ?
A: It depends your parts,generally sample can be sent out within 7days after product drawing confirmed by both side.
Q:What information should I give to you for inquiry?
A:Pls send your 2d and 3d drawings ,and tell us your special requirements such as material,tolerance,surface treatments and the amount you need ,ect .

Q: If I don’t have drawing, how can I get sample ?
A: If you don’t have any drawing,you can send us your sample, we will scan it and make 2D and 3D drawing first, then make sample for you.

Q: What’s your MOQ(minimum order quantity)
A: We don’t have MOQ, you are welcome to send us trial order to test our quality and service.

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