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CNC Precious Metal High Quality Machining PArts

For precision milling of small parts, our highly trained machinists utilize state-of-the-art metal milling equipment to achieve virtually any shape, for dimensions as small as 0.010” (0.25 mm), parts as long as 16” (406.4 mm), and cubic parts up to 8” (203.2 mm), with up to 4-axis milling. With a range of features, our CNC machining capabilities include small part production, second operation parts, as well as short runs and prototyping and our world-class expertise, know-how, and equipment, our metal milling staff can take even the most intricate geometries that your design engineers can envision and help you turn that vision into reality.

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Product Details

cnc precious metal high quality machining parts

Key Features

1. We offer the total solution to customer's idea with in-house production/assembly and out sourcing program.

2. Inspection report and safety material data are available if needed.

3. Packing: master carton, pallet, OR else as per customer's request.

4. Tolerances of CNC turned part: 0.02mm;

We can work with CAD drawing software as well as solid works format.

5. CNC turned part free of scratches, burrs and rust.

6. Well and High Quality Control .

Our experienced machinists and versatile machines are well-equipped to tackle even the most complex precision machined metal components. From smaller volumes on our Haas mills and lathes to high volumes available from Citizen automatic Swiss-style machining, along with our in-house deburring and mechanical polishing capabilities, we are ready to machine your turned parts. Our multi-axis Chmer EDM equipment adds wire-cut electrical discharge machining capability to the precision machining services we offer you.


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