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CNC Machining AerosPAce PArts

CNC Machining AerosPAce PArts

We can deliver extremely tight tolerances including: flatness to ±.000002", diameter roundness to ±.00005" and diameter cylindricity of ± .0001".

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cnc machining aerospace parts

Product features


1.Materials: steel, non-ferrous metals (Cu/Al/Ti/Mg, stainless steel (15-5PH, 13-8MO, 17-4PH, 316, 410, 430), nickel alloy, hast alloy, aluminum (2024, 2014 , 6061 and 7075)

2.Surface treatment: plating, powder coating, passivating treatment, phosphate and anodizing

3.Processing method: forging, CNC milling, turning, grinding, honing, lapping, boring, broaching and other secondary machining

4.Heat treatment capability: annealing, normalizing, tempering, nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing and induction hardening

5.Processing machines: 4-axis machining center, CNC lathe, milling/grinding machine, center less grinder, drilling/boring/honing machine, planer, line cutting, ultrasonic cleaning machine and other advanced production equipment

6.Inspection machines: CMM, projector, universal testing machine, surface gauge and hard meter.

Product d

producing complex machined components with close tolerances in difficult to machine materials, such straightness, perpendicularity, circular run out, roughness, position, diameter, cylindricity, concentricity, length, parallelism and symmetry.

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Performs highly specialized, close tolerance assembly work using highly trained operators

Assembly processes: hand and semi-automatic assembly equipment, helical insertion, specialized elastomer, adhesive processes, etching, CNC engraving, blasting capability using glass bead or aluminum oxide media

Customized designs and specifications are accepted.

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