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CNC Lathe Machine PArts and Components

CNC Lathe Machine PArts and Components

Turning refers to lathe machining is part of the machining process. Lathe machining mainly uses turning tools to rotate workpiece turning. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, disks, sleeves and other workpieces with revolving surfaces. They are the most widely used machine tools in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.

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Product Details

cnc lathe turning and milling  machine parts and components tooling manufacturer factory

Product Introduction

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Turning processing

The processing route and machining allowance: in CNC lathe is not to promote the use of the conditions, the general should be too rough on the margin, especially with forging, casting hard layer cushion placed in ordinary lathe. If you must use CNC lathe processing, you need to pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.Fixture installation points: connect the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is rod to achieve the following points: first, using hydraulic chuck spanner nut on the hydraulic cylinder under unloading, unloading tube, and pulled out from the rear end of the main shaft, and then move hand unloaded Chuck Screw, can remove chuck.

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Reasonable selection of cutting parameters: for high efficiency metal cutting processing, the machining material, cutting tools, cutting conditions are the three major factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and machining quality. The economical and effective machining method is the reasonable choice of cutting conditions. Three factors of cutting condition: cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth directly cause tool damage. With the increase of cutting speed, the tool nose temperature will rise, and will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. The cutting speed is increased by 20%, and the tool life is reduced by 1/2. The relationship between the feed condition and the wear behind the tool is in a very small range.


Product Parameter(Specification) of

MaterialGold,Silver,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Iron,Aluminum,Stainless   Steel, Titaninum etc.
ColorMetal   Colors Avaliable
Surface finishChrome   Plating,Zinc Plating,Blackening,Nickel plating,Electrophoresis,
    Anodization,Brushing,Polishing,Blacken,Powder coating,Sandblasting,de   buring,Passivation,Etc
Process CraftTurning,Milling,Drilling,Wire   EDM,Grinding,Engraving,Tapping,Knurling,And other sub machining processes,Etc
Equipment260   CNC Lathe,200 Auto Lathe,10 CNC Tapping Center,2 MAZAK five axis CNC,Each   month we increase about 10 lathes
Testing FacilityCoordinate   Measuring Machine,Projector,Roughness Tester,Hardness Tester,Concentricity   Tester,Tool Microscope,Digimatic Micrometer,Inside Micrometer,Dial   Indicator,Go No Go Gauge,Dialgage,Eletronic,Digital Display Caliper,Automatic   Height Gauge,Precision Level 2 Detector,Precision Block Gauge,00 Levels Of   Marble Platform/Ring Gague,Etc
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008 Certified,SGS Certification
Drawing FormatJPEG,   PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, STEP, CAD
RemarksAll   parts are not in stock,customization only;
    Parts can be supplied according to customers drawings or sample

Product Feature And Application

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Security technology issues

But the feed is large, the cutting temperature rises, and the back wear is great. It has less influence on cutting tools than cutting speed. Effect of cutting depth on cutting tool without cutting speed and feed, but in small cutting depth and cutting, cutting material to produce hardened layer, also affects the tool life. Users should choose the cutting speed according to the machined material, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed rate, cutting depth and so on. The most suitable processing conditions are chosen on the basis of these factors. Regular and steady wear is the ideal condition for life. However, in actual operation, the choice of tool life is related to tool wear, machined dimension change, surface quality, cutting noise, heat treatment and so on. In the determination of processing conditions, it is necessary to study according to the actual situation. For refractory materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloys, coolants can be used or rigid edges are selected.

Product Details

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Reasonable selection of tool: rough car, to choose the tool of high strength, good durability, in order to meet the rough car large depth and feed requirements. In order to ensure the machining accuracy, the tools with high precision and good durability should be selected. In order to reduce tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine clip and clip blade should be used as far as possible.Reasonable selection of fixture: as far as possible the use of general fixture clamping workpiece, avoid the use of special fixture; parts positioning benchmark coincidence, in order to reduce positioning error.Determine the processing route: processing route refers to the CNC machine tool processing process, tool relative to the parts of the trajectory and direction. (1) the machining accuracy and surface roughness should be guaranteed; (2) the machining route should be shortened and the tool travel time should be reduced as much as possible.

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Safe operation. Check the machine tools before work, confirm the good can be used. The clamping of workpiece and tool ensures correct position, firm and reliable. In the process of machining, the tools must be stopped when changing tools, loading and unloading workpieces and measuring workpieces. The workpiece can not be touched by hand or by cotton silk when rotating. The cutting speed, feed rate and working depth should be chosen properly, and the machining should not be overloaded. The head of a bed, and the bed rest shall not be placed the workpiece, fixture and other sundries. Use a file to the tool moving to the safety position, the right front, left behind, to prevent the sleeve involved. The machine tool should be specially used and maintained by the special personnel, and other personnel shall not use it.

Quanlity Control

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Delivery,Shipping And Service



  1. Q: Which kind of product can you do?

    A: Plastic injection molding and mass production for plastic parts.

    2.  Q: Which kind information need for quotation?

          A: 1) Sample photo with size or 2D/3D design

               2) Product material

               3) The quantity

               4) Runner type, cold or hot

               5) Mould steel type, P20, 718, 2738, H13, S136, 2316, an so on.

    3.  Q: I have no 3D drawing, how should I start the new project?

          A: You can supply us a sample or tell me your idea,we will help to finish the  3D drawing design.

    4. Q: How long will be the injection mold finished?

         A: Usually it will take about one month to finish the mold.

    5. Q: How about the samples?

         A: After mold finished, We will make some samples for you to check as soon as we finish the mold and then deliver the samples for you to check.

    6. Q: How about the mould modify?

         A: You can tell us your comment about the samples after you receive them.If there is any dimension different from the drawing,we will modify the mold for free in our side and then make the new samples.

    7. Q: How about the proprietary rights of the plastic injection mold?

          A: Customer paid the mould so it all belong to Customer.

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