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CNC Engineering

CNC Engineering

CNC engineering is the process of changing the shape, size, or performance of a workpiece by means of a mechanical device. According to the difference in processing methods can be divided into cutting and pressure machining.

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Product Details

high precision cnc engineering mechanical device machining parts customized

Product Introduction

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The production process of a machine refers to the whole process of producing the product from the raw material (or semi-finished product). For machine production, including transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly, commissioning, painting and packaging and so on. The process of production is very extensive. Modern enterprises use the principles and methods of systems engineering to organize production and guide production. The production process is regarded as a production system with input and output.

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Take the knife called work schedule is a step machining done on the machined surface. Make the machining process to determine the sequence of the workpiece through several processes and operations, only the main process name and processing orders the brief process list, called the process route. The process route plan is the overall layout of the development process, the main task is to choose the processing method of each surface, determine the processing order of each surface, and the number of processes in the whole process of how much. Process planning should follow certain principles.

Product Parameter(Specification) of

MaterialGold,Silver,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Iron,Aluminum,Stainless   Steel, Titaninum etc.
ColorMetal   Colors Avaliable
Surface finishChrome   Plating,Zinc Plating,Blackening,Nickel plating,Electrophoresis,
    Anodization,Brushing,Polishing,Blacken,Powder coating,Sandblasting,de   buring,Passivation,Etc
Process CraftTurning,Milling,Drilling,Wire   EDM,Grinding,Engraving,Tapping,Knurling,And other sub machining processes,Etc
Equipment260   CNC Lathe,200 Auto Lathe,10 CNC Tapping Center,2 MAZAK five axis CNC,Each   month we increase about 10 lathes
Testing FacilityCoordinate   Measuring Machine,Projector,Roughness Tester,Hardness Tester,Concentricity   Tester,Tool Microscope,Digimatic Micrometer,Inside Micrometer,Dial   Indicator,Go No Go Gauge,Dialgage,Eletronic,Digital Display Caliper,Automatic   Height Gauge,Precision Level 2 Detector,Precision Block Gauge,00 Levels Of   Marble Platform/Ring Gague,Etc
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008 Certified,SGS Certification
Drawing FormatJPEG,   PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, STEP, CAD
RemarksAll   parts are not in stock,customization only;
Parts can be supplied according to customers drawings or sample

Product Feature And Application

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In the production process, which changes the production object shape, size, location and nature, make it become the process of finished or semi-finished known as process. It's the main part of the production process. The process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly process, mechanical manufacturing process is the sum of general assembly process refers to the machining process and machine parts of the other process is called assisted process, such as transport, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance etc.. The process is composed of one or more sequential processes, and a process consists of several steps.

Product Details

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Process is the basic unit of machining process. The so-called process refers to a (or a group of workers), in a machine tool (or a work place), the same work piece (or several pieces of work at the same time) the continuous completion of the part of the process. The main feature of a process is that it does not change the processing object, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is completed continuously, in the condition that the machined surface remains unchanged, the tool is unchanged and the cutting parameters remain unchanged

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The types of production are usually divided into three categories:1. single piece production: individual production of different structures and sizes of products, and rarely repeat.
2. batch production: manufacturing the same product in batches in a year, and the manufacturing process has a certain repeatability.
3. large batch production: a large number of manufacturing products, most workplaces are often repeated processing of a   part of a process.

Quanlity Control

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Delivery,Shipping And Service



Q: Howsoon can I get reply after send inquiry?
A: 1.All inquiries will be replied within 1 day except sleeping time in China.
     2.Our call phones standing by any calls at any time.
Q: How soon can I get sample ?
A: It depends your parts,generally sample can be sent out within 7days after product drawing confirmed by both side.
Q:What information should I give to you for inquiry?
A:Pls send your 2d and 3d drawings ,and tell us your special requirements such as material,tolerance,surface treatments and the amount you need ,ect .

Q: If I don’t have drawing, how can I get sample ?
A: If you don’t have any drawing,you can send us your sample, we will scan it and make 2D and 3D drawing first, then make sample for you.

Q: What’s your MOQ(minimum order quantity)
A: We don’t have MOQ, you are welcome to send us trial order to test our quality and service.

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