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Biodegradable Plastic Products

Biodegradable Plastic Products

Degradable plastic is a kind of plastic which can meet the requirement of use and can not degrade the performance of the material in the natural environment when it is used in the storage period. Therefore, it is also called biodegradable plastic.

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biodegradable plastic products


The degradation of polymers is the process of polymerization of macromolecular chains caused by chemical and physical factors. Polymers are exposed to oxygen, water, radiation, chemicals, pollutants, mechanical forces, insects, and other organisms such as animals and microorganisms. Environmental degradation of macromolecular chains is called environmental degradation. degradation

Reducing the molecular weight of polymers and decreasing the physical properties of polymeric materials until the loss of availability of polymeric materials is also known as degradation of polymeric materials.

The aging and degradation of polymers are directly related to the stability of polymers. Aging and degradation of polymers to shorten the service life of plastics. Therefore, since the advent of plastics since scientists working on this kind of material is the study of anti aging, stabilization, to prepare polymer materials with high stability, while the scientists are using polymer degradation behavior to develop environmentally degradable plastics.

The main application fields of degradable plastics are: agricultural mulch film, plastic packing bags, garbage bags, shopping bags and disposable tableware.

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The use of degradable plastics mainly has two fields: first, the original use of ordinary plastics.  In these areas, the use or consumption of plastic products difficult to  collect environmental hazards, such as agricultural film and disposable  plastic packaging, and two is the use of plastics instead of other  materials.  In these areas, the use of degradable plastics can be convenient, such  as golf ball nails, tropical rain forest seedlings fixed materials. Specific application in:

1, forestry and fisheries, plastic film, water retaining  material, nursery pot, bed, rope, pesticide and fertilizer slow-release  material.

2, packaging industry, shopping bags, garbage bags,  composting bags, disposable lunch boxes, instant noodles bowl, cushion  packaging materials

3, sports, golf ball and ball screw

4, health supplies, sanitary supplies, baby diapers, medical mattress, disposable razor.

5, medical material, bandages, clip, cotton swab with a  stick, gloves, drug delivery material, and suture and fixation  materials.

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