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Biodegradable Plastic Polymers

Biodegradable Plastic Polymers

The research can be just perfect degradable plastics to adapt our country's sustainable development strategy, to adapt to social development, chemical, biological utilization of polymer synthesized light / biodegradable plastics is the main research direction of the development of our. We can use these polymers to synthesize the materials we need - biodegradable plastics.

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biodegradable plastic polymers

Biodegradable plastics

From the process of biodegradation is divided into completely biodegradable and biological plastic collapse in two categories; from the preparation method considered can be divided into biological fermentation synthesis, chemical synthesis, the use of animal and plant natural polymer or mineral four.

Fully biodegradable plastics are readily biodegradable when they are synthesized by chemical methods using aliphatic polyesters, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyethylene glycol. The biodegradable plastics are studied and developed according to the biodegradability of these polymers, in which the study of aliphatic polyesters is outstanding. Among a large number of aliphatic polyesters, poly (PCL) is widely used. It is a thermoplastic crystalline polyester which can be hydrolyzed to small molecules by lipase and then assimilated by microorganisms. American UCC company has mass production, and has been used in surgical products, adhesive film, film stripping agent and other products. Biodegradable plastics can also be prepared by blending PCL with PHB. The aliphatic polyester and nylon undergo the exchange of amine grease to synthesize the poly (ester amide copolymer) (CPAE), and CPAE is a new biodegradable plastic.
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In the synthesis of natural polymer with animals and plants, plant cellulose, starch, animal of chitosan, chitosan, animal glue and marine algae, can make biodegradable plastic value.

Chemical method and natural polymer blending technology can also be used to synthesize degradable plastics. The main varieties are PHB/PCL, gelatinized starch, /PCL and other products. Their main characteristics are complete degradation, at the same time through the blending to improve its heat resistance, water resistance and cost reduction, making it a general degradable plastic.

Biological plastic collapse belongs to non biodegradable plastic is mixed with biodegradable material in general plastic materials in the olefin, loss of mechanical properties and shape, and through the composting and biodegradation of the same effect, because this kind of plastic low cost, this method has been used in domestic and abroad.

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Biodegradable plastics are mainly used as hard and soft packaging materials for food because of their good degradability. This is also the biggest application area at this stage.

The main target markets for biodegradable plastics are plastic packaging films, agricultural films, disposable plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware. Compared with traditional plastic packaging materials, the cost of new degradable materials is slightly higher. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are willing to use new materials with lower prices for environmental protection, and the enhancement of environmental awareness has brought enormous opportunities for the development of biodegradable new materials industry. With the development of economy Chinese, large-scale activities of the success of the Olympic Games, a number of World Expo shocked the world, the world cultural heritage and national scenic site protection, environmental pollution problems caused by plastic more attention, all levels of government have white pollution will be listed as one of the priorities.

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