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Annealing Plastic PArts

Annealing Plastic PArts

Using different kinds of steel as plastic mould, the chemical composition and mechanical properties are different. Therefore, the manufacturing process is different; similarly, the heat treatment process of different types of plastic mould steel is also different.

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annealing plastic parts

First, the manufacturing process of plastic mold

1. low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel mold

For example, 20, 20Cr, process 20CrMnTi steel as blanking, forging billet, annealing, rough machining, mechanical cold extrusion forming, recrystallization annealing, mechanical finishing, carburizing, quenching, tempering, grinding, polishing, assembly.

2. high alloy carburizing steel mold

For example, the process of 12CrNi3A and 12CrNi4A steel is: blanking, forging, mould blank, normalizing, high temperature tempering, mechanical roughing, high temperature tempering, finishing, carburizing, quenching, tempering, lapping, polishing and assembly.

3. hardened and tempered steel mould

For example, 45, 40Cr and other steel processes are: blanking, forging, mold blank, annealing, mechanical roughing, quenching and tempering, mechanical finishing, finishing, polishing and assembly.

4. carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel mold

For example, T7A ~ T10A, CrWMn, process 9SiCr steel for blanking, die forging billet, spheroidizing annealing, rough machining, mechanical stress annealing, mechanical semi finishing, mechanical finishing, quenching, tempering, grinding, polishing, assembly.

5. pre hardened steel mold

For example, 5NiSiCa, 3Cr2Mo (P20) and other steel. For the direct use of rod processing, as the supply status has been pre hardening treatment, can be directly processed, forming, polishing, assembly. For forging into blank after forming, the process route is: annealing, planing or milling surface, six pre forging processing, hard ball blanking, (34 ~ 42HRC), mechanical processing, coarse stress annealing, mechanical finishing, polishing, assembly.

Two, the heat treatment characteristics of plastic mold

(1) characteristics of heat treatment of plastic mould for carburizing carbon steel

1. for high hardness, high wear resistance and high toughness requirements of plastic mold, carburizing steel to choose to use, and carburizing, quenching and low temperature tempering as the final heat treatment.

2. of the carburized layer, generally the carburized layer thickness is 0.8 ~ 1.5mm, when pressed with hard plastic mold packing requirements of carburized layer thickness is 1.3 ~ 1.5mm, pressing soft plastic when carburizing layer thickness is 0.8 ~ 1.2mm. The carbon content of carburized layer is 0.7% ~ 1%, which is better. If the use of carbon and nitrogen infiltration, then the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, anti adhesive better.

3. carburizing temperature is generally 900~920 degrees, complex cavity of the small mold can be 840~860 degrees C, medium temperature carbonitriding. The holding time of carburizing is 5 ~ 10h, and the thickness should be chosen according to the requirement of the thickness of carburized layer. The classification of carburizing carburizing process is appropriate, namely high temperature stage (900 ~ 920 DEG C) to quickly penetrate into the surface of carbon based parts; medium temperature stage (820 ~ 840 DEG C) to increase the depth of carburized layer, so based on the carburized layer distribution of carbon concentration gradient uniform and reasonable, easy to direct quenching.

4. quenching process after carburizing steel by different carburizing were used after re heating quenching; direct quenching after carburizing grade (e.g. alloy carburizing steel); direct quenching temperature after nitrocarburizing (such as small precision mold ingot or low carbon steel cold extrusion); air cooling after carburizing and quenching (such as high permeability alloy of large and medium carbon steel mould manufacturing).

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